Terms & Conditions

- A deposit of £50 is required to confirm your booking. This is to secure your chosen date. Failure to do so will risk in you losing your booking.

If you wish to cancel your booking, we require 7 days notice otherwise your deposit will not be refunded. Cancellations are subject to a £5.00 banking charge.

This deposit is separate to the daily hire fee.


- All horses should be insured for transportation. Rose Horsebox Hire ltd takes no responsibility for any injury caused to your horse whilst in or tied to our horseboxes.


- Please ensure your horse has a Passport. This is a legal requirement when travelling.


- Mileage limits apply. A full day hire entitles you to a maximum of 200 miles. A half day hire entitles you to 100 miles. If you need to exceed this a 0.40p per mile extra mileage charge will be applied.

Our horseboxes mileage is checked prior to each journey. Failure to disclose your extra mileage to us prior to your hire will result in you being charged the extra mileage charge and your deposit will be lost.


- Our horseboxes have a payload of 1050kg. They can carry 2 additional passengers as well as a limited amount of tack and other equipment.


- The horsebox will be supplied with enough fuel for your journey. Fuel is charged back to you after your journey at 0.30p a mile. You can choose to pay this by bank transfer, card payment or can have the fuel cost deducted from your deposit. Our horseboxes are fitted with GPRS tracking devices which will track your mileage so you can be charged correctly.


-You are asked to return the horsebox in the same condition internally as when collected. We ask you remove all droppings, loose hay and wet bedding. Any clean bedding please bank up in the corner. We expect the jockey area and cab to be swept out as well as the horse area. A shavings fork, broom, dustpan and brush are provided in the rear of the horsebox for you to use. If the lorry is not returned in good order we will charge our £30 cleaning fee.


- Rose Horsebox Hire provides wood shavings bedding inside our horseboxes for your horse’s comfort and ease of cleaning. Any droppings that have soiled the back wall of the lorry are to be wiped clean by yourselves. We shall again charge a £30 cleaning fee should the walls be heavily soiled.


- Before re hire we ourselves fully disinfect all areas that have made contact with horses, ready for the next hirer.

If your horse has an allergy to wood shavings bedding, please let us know prior to collection and we shall remove all traces


- Please take note of the signage on the vehicles. Please do not tie your horses to the external tie rings on the ramp side of the boxes. Anyone seen to ignore this request will be charged a negligence fine of £50.


- You will be liable for the cost of repair for any damage caused to the horsebox by horse or driver during your hire period. If damage occurs the hirer will be required to pay for the damage itself or pay our insurance policies excess of £800. Please ensure funds are available should damage occur. We simply will not accept part payment or payment plans for damage caused. Failure to admit any damage will result in our solicitors being instructed.

Please note, you the hirer are also responsible for any damage caused by any horse you are carrying on board, even if you do not own it. Please ensure when sharing a hire with a friend you understand this risk.

If serious damage occurs and we are forced to cancel bookings for an immediate repair, you will be charged £50 per cancellation to cover lost business.

We recommend taking your time and being extra cautious whilst driving our horseboxes to avoid damage and costly repair bills for yourselves. If you would like a test drive guided by ourselves prior to your hire, please let us know.

There will be an opportunity to inspect the lorry for any existing damage before the journey and we encourage you to ask questions and take pictures of any existing damage should you wish.



- The daily hire charge must be paid either by bank transfer, card or cash upon collection of the horsebox. We will not accept payment after your hire. The horsebox will not be released until funds have cleared.

When the hirer returns the horsebox their £50 deposit will be returned subject to the horsebox being in the same condition it left in. Please request your deposit back and provide us with your bank details. We do not have an auto refund system in place.

Deposits can be left on file and you are welcome to book as many days in the future as you like with one deposit.


- Rose Horsebox Hire offers free night before collection. There is however NO guaranteed collection time. This is subject to the lorries whereabouts and return time on that day. If you wish to guarantee a night before collection at an exact time, we recommend you book a half day PM hire for the previous day at an additional cost of £70. Rose Horsebox Hire will simply not tolerate abuse should the horsebox not be available for night before collection. This is a free service and therefore it cannot be helped should it be returned late or we are not available to hand over the horsebox the night before.



We will securely store your information and only use it for the purpose of contacting you in relation to your enquiry.

To hire our horsebox-


- All drivers must be aged between 22-75 years old, have held their full UK driving licence for 2 years or more and have no more than 6 points on their licence.


- Have not had insurance refused or declined.


- Have not had an insurance policy cancelled.


- Have not had any non-motoring convictions.


- Have not had more than one at fault accident.


- We cannot insure students, journalists and professional sportsmen.


- No other persons are permitted to drive the horsebox during your hire period unless additional paperwork is completed.


If you have any of the above, we are unable to hire to you.

If you are eligible to hire, we require you to-


Log onto the DVLA website linked below and request a one time use access code. Please pass the required code along with your full driving license number onto Rose Horsebox Hire for insurance checks to be completed. Please forward us this code no sooner than 7 days before your hire day.

Alternatively once logged in, click the ‘penalties and disqualifications’ link and send us a photo/ screen shot of this page displaying your license points.



(Driving licence number, national insurance number and postcode are required to complete)


Prior to collection drivers must complete the required self-drive insurance questionnaire (also linked on the booking email) and bring to Rose Horsebox Hire on collection day, along with these Terms and conditions.


All drivers must bring their full UK driving licence and 3 utility bills (bank statements, horse insurance, car insurance or anything similar are accepted) along on collection day. Proof of address must be dated within the last 3 months.

These will be checked by Rose Horsebox Hire prior to departure.